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Mr. Lim Lee Wan

MPA Managing Director 
MPAS Managing Director 

Mr Lim Lee Wan, a Malaysian is currently a Managing Director of MPA and MPAS.

Mr Lim obtained his Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Malaya in 1981. Mr Lim has over 35 years of experience in the petrochemical, phosphate processing and bleaching earth manufacturing industries ranging from plant operations, project management, marketing, research and development and corporate management.

Mr Lim started his career with Shell Singapore Pte Ltd (“Shell”). During his career in Shell, Mr Lim gained wide technical experience including process technology and operation support, project evaluation and development,

supply planning for petroleum and chemicals, refinery economics and long term planning, advanced process control and refinery optimisation. He had also acquired substantial process knowledge in Singapore and Hague, the Netherlands on various process technologies, such as lubricant oil and bitumen manufacturing, hydrocarbon solvents and the reforming processes.


He joined Bolton Berhad in 1995 and was responsible for developing new businesses, other than property development and cement manufacture, for Bolton Berhad. He started and developed Stolthaven (Westport) Sdn Bhd (“Stolthaven”) as the first independent liquid bulk terminal business in Westport, Malaysia for Bolton Berhad with Stolt-Nielsen Limited, a Norwegian company. He was involved in the design, marketing and start-up of this new terminal and was a director of Stolthaven until 2006.


After commissioning the Westport terminal in 1998, Mr Lim continued to seek out new businesses for Bolton Berhad. In 2001, together with the directors of Bolton Berhad, he incorporated MPA to develop the first DCP manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Mr Lim has been involved in the design and the successful commissioning of the DCP plant at Lumut together with his team of engineers.


In 2002, he started Hudson-MPA, a joint venture between Hudson Resources Ltd and MPA for the manufacture of bleaching earth in Lumut. Mr Lim and his team were the pioneers in developing the process to produce acid activated bleaching earth using attapulgite instead of bentonite. He was involved in the marketing of the bleaching earth products to the palm oil refineries in Malaysia, who also informed MPA that the refineries were keen to purchase food grade phosphoric acid from local phosphate manufacturers. This led to the development of food grade phosphoric acid by MPA at Lumut.

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